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Not ready to part with your fave fashions from 2011? Don’t worry! We’ve pinpointed at least three so-last-year trends that aren’t going anywhere just yet:

Color Me Chic
Eye-catching brights and colored pants are here to stay for now. Coordinate them with chunky knits for chilly temps, then transition to spring with tanks, tees and sandals.

To the Maxi
Long, flowing skirts were all the rage last summer, and guess what? They’re packing major staying power. Don’t toss this boho number quite yet. Layer long-sleeve tops over them and tights underneath for winter, or stow them away for rising temps.

A Little Flirty Flare
Flared jeans might have come and gone with the ’90s, but this trend made a comeback for 2011 -- and it’s here for the long haul.

Head-to-toe Denim
Love rocking denim on top of denim on top of denim? You can keep your fave washed and dyed pieces to sport for a few more seasons. Hip, hip!

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