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Sure, you’ve got your school supplies covered -- notebooks, three-ring binders, No. 2 pencils. Those are easy. But what about the rest of the stuff you need? Don’t worry: We’re on the case!

What to Wear
Even if your school requires uniforms, you’ll want to look put-together after dismissal and on weekends. Here are the 10 mix-and-match items you must have in your closet this fall:

1. Military-style lace-up boots that are clunky and chunky

2. Zip-up hoodie in a muted gray or khaki

3. Lots of solid-color, long- and short-sleeve scoop-neck tees for layering

4. Dark-wash jeans that fit but are still a little baggy (roll ’em up!)

5. Brown or black leather belt to wear with jeans or to cinch dresses

6. Cardigan sweater in a bright color or a pastel (bonus: get one with ruffles or appliqued details)

7. Button-down tunic that can be worn as a shirt or dress

8. Solid-color leggings and striped socks (try wearing them together!)

9. Brown or camel-color peacoat, either solid or plaid

10. Knit cap and scarf set in colors that complement your wardrobe

Stuff Your Backpack

Smart girls have necessities that go beyond the school supplies stashed in their backpacks and lockers. Here’s our list of never-leave-home-withouts: (They’ll come in handy, we swear!)

1. Tampons and feminine pads (just in case)

2. Fresh, clean underpants (ditto)

3. Spare, neutral-colored sweatshirt for days it’s colder than you expected

4. Safety pins to quick-fix clothing tears, popped buttons and broken zippers

5. Granola bars for when your tummy goes “grrr” way before lunch period

6. Deodorant and breath mints so you don’t repel the boy you’re trying to attract

7. Headbands, barrettes and ponytail elastics (plus a brush or comb) for bad hair days

8. Compact mirror so you can fix hair and check for stray food in your teeth

9. Toothbrush and toothpaste in case something is stuck in your teeth (er, braces?)

10. Lip gloss (duh)

Get Back in the School Mindset

Yeah, the lazy days of summer are coming to an end. Sorry! Time to shake that do-nothing ’tude and get back into full swing. Hey, it’s not so bad -- just do these five things, and you’ll be ready to go:

1. Rise and shine! Set your alarm a little earlier each day so you’re not draaaaaaagging yourself out of bed that first day of school.

2. Read something. Check out a book from the library (even a romance novel will work!) to get your brain back in action.

3. Go for a new do. Get a fresh haircut (bangs are in!) or just play around with pulling your hair into a loose bun or cute braids.

4. Smell good. Try a soft-scented body wash or spritz. Something light -- maybe floral or fruity -- is great for daytime. Steer clear of strong, heavy perfumes.

5. Smile! Even if you’re dreading going back to school, force yourself to crack a grin. It’s the best way to make new friends this school year.

Spotted by Spygirl

Twenty-five New York City youths recently engaged in U.S. foreign policy talks with prominent activists from around the world.

As part of the Global Kids’ U.S. in the World: International Law and Foreign Policy program, the teens convened at the Council on Foreign Relations on Park Avenue in New York City to participate in workshops and discussions with experts on war in the Middle East, climate change, politics of oil dependency, and other important, newsworthy topics.

The teen participants will take action throughout this upcoming school year by educating hundreds of their peers about international relations. Heavy duty!

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