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Being a BFF to the environment isn’t always about rallying for big global changes. You can tweak simple things in your day-to-day drill to help save the environment. Get with the green routine!

Good Morning, Sunshine!
• When you wake up, don’t reach for the light switch. Let the sunlight in.

• Don’t linger in the shower. Cutting just two minutes saves gallons of water, plus the fuel it takes to heat the H2O.

• Don’t scrimp on brushing your teeth, but shut the water off while you’re doing it.

• Is your school close (and safe) enough to bike or walk there? Good exercise and kind to the planet.

The Lunch Bunch
• After your lunch is perfectly prepped, put it in an eco-friendly reusable bag.

• While you’re at it, ditch the sandwich baggies. They don’t biodegrade, so try a plastic container you can use again and again.

• Toss used cans or bottles into a recycling bin. No recycling program in your school? Make it happen!

After-school Cool
• Homework? Use scrap paper when possible before you recycle it. It’s perfect for working out math probs or printing your history rough draft on the unused side.

• When your computer is at rest, nix the screensaver, which is an energy waster.

• No. 1 rule? If you’re aren’t using it, shut it off. Do you really need three lights on and the TV as background noise?

What’s for Dinner?
• Go veggie once week. Turns out, the meat-producing process is tough on the environment.

• Switch to cloth napkins -- classy.

• Don’t run the dishwasher unless it’s full. If yours has an energy-saver mode, use it.

• You do dishes the old-fashioned way? Don’t leave the water running while you’re washin’. Fill the basin, scrub away the ick, then rinse.

Into the Night
• If you like to read before bed, use a fluorescent bulb. It lasts 10 times longer than a regular bulb and uses 65 percent less energy.

• Shut off your computer, TV and radio. Better yet, unplug all electronics. Standby mode uses up lots of unnecessary energy.

• Layer up so you can turn down the heat. Lights out!

Above and Beyond

Is it a bird? A plane? Or 12-year-old skydiver Kayla Tinucci? She can't jump from a plane until she turns 18, but Kayla and her brother, Justin, 9, are among the most successful skydivers in the world. They practice daily at a wind tunnel -- Skyventure Colorado -- where they'll compete in the first annual Summit Challenge beginning Jan. 31, 2009. The sibling team recently broke a Guinness World Record for longest indoor freefall, flipping and floating in the air for one hour, 36 minutes. "Every kid dreams they can fly. It's so much fun to actually experience it," says Kayla.

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