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If you’re looking to throw together the party of the century without a ton of prep time, don’t sweat it! You just need to be a girl with a plan if you want it to be spectacularly successful.

Permission, Please
Be sure to get the OK nod from your parents before giving the shout-out “Party at my place!” It’s their house, and you might need them for some moolah or even to supervise and help you shop for stuff.

Do Your Homework!
No, we’re not talking about catching up on that science project. Figure out what items you’ll need and how much it’ll cost so you don’t come out unprepared. Grab a notebook to make some lists: invite list, shopping list, to-do list, etc.

Look Who’s Coming?
Unless you want to have a full-blown huge party, we recommend that you invite no more than, say, a dozen close friends. A fairly small get-together means less food (and less money spent).

Get Down to the Deets
Plan out these questions in that notebook:

  • Will you decorate with a theme?
  • What food will you serve?
  • Will there be a dress code?
  • Which songs do you want on the party playlist?
  • What games and activities will you have?
  • Are you passing out party favors?

Just the Right Invite
Forget snail mail. Simply send a punchy e-mail or text message. Be sure to include all the details: who (that would be you), what kind of party, where, what day and time, dress code and if guests should bring anything. Ask friends to RSVP so you’ll know how many to expect.

Get Prepped … and Pumped
Break out your music and crank it up while you get your place party-ready the day before the event. Tidy up and get your decorations up. Arrange chairs in groups or pairs to encourage guests to sit and chat. Clear an area of the floor if you plan to have dancing. Put out any necessary items, such as favors and games. Get make-ahead dishes oven-ready.

It’s Party Time!
It’s the big day: Turn on the tunes, get your food ready to serve and let the fun begin! Oh, and have a camera handy. You’ll want memories of these rockin’ good times.

Spotted by Spygirl

A Vampire Sighting
London cutie Jamie Campbell Bower (who plays New Moon’s vicious Caius, leader of the Volturi Vampires) and his co-star Edi Gathegi (nomadic Laurent) were recently hanging out in a Washington, D.C.-area mall, and, oh, about 1,000 twi-hard Twilight fans flocked there to see the pair of vampires in the flesh. The next day, Spygirl spotted the two relaxing at The Ritz-Carlton in the U.S. capital. Edi looks completely different from his character since he’s not sporting dreads, and Jamie is way better-looking without the morbid makeup and harsh hair. They were both dressed in jeans and black leather jackets. Jamie must have been famished because he kept chewing on his collar.

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