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“I’m booooooored….” Oh, puh-leeze! We’ve got plenty of ideas to keep you from dozing off in the middle of the day. You can do any of these activities with friends or by yourself. And you can do many of them indoors or out, rain or shine. Get ready for the excitement plan!

Have a picnic Whether on your bedroom floor or in the backyard, spread out a blanket and eat lunch.

Make papier-mâché Blow up a balloon then make a paste by mixing water and flour until it’s a goo. Dip newspaper strips into the paste, and cover the balloon. Let dry, pop the balloon with a pin and paint.

Do push-ups How many can you do? Next, try sit-ups.

Plan a sleepover Make an invite list, brainstorm party ideas, figure out the menu and set a date!

Plant a seed What’s in the fridge? Oranges, apples, cucumbers? Cut one open and take a few seeds out. Let them dry on a paper towel then plant them in a pot or outside. See if they sprout.

Make a smoothie Mix yogurt, juice, fresh fruit and ice cubes in a blender until smooth. Drink up!

Play hopscotch Use chalk to draw alternating single and double squares on the sidewalk. Then hop, skip and jump!

Attract birds Use needle and thread to string o-shaped cereal and popcorn into a garland. Decorate a tree and watch feathered friends flock to your yard.

Paint your toenails Grab some polish and head out to the porch. Slide a tissue between each toe to keep them separated and paint away.

Pick wildflowers Pluck dandelions, honeysuckle -- whatever you can find and put them in a glass of water.

Read a book Curl up on the recliner, porch swing or lawn chair, and take in a good story.

Have a dance-off Crank up the music and get your groove on!

Wash the car Break out the hose, a bucket, some mild soap and a sponge, and watch your parents’ jaws drop.

Play cards Challenge someone to a game of rummy or just play solitaire.

Sing your heart out! Belt out your favorite tune in the shower, in the rain or into a hairbrush. Loud!

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