Be You Around Boys

Goofing around or just hanging with your besties is easy for you. You have a chill vibe that just flows. Except, that is, when a boy jumps onto the scene. Add a dash of dimples that make you melt, and you’re tongue-tied, drawing blanks.

Stop that right now! Read on to find out how you can still be the fun-loving, confident and amazing you and keep on streaming your awesome personality -- even around boys.

Remember: He’s Just a Boy
Repeat this mantra: “Boys are people too.” Sure, you might think Brown Eyes never stresses over a breakout or grades, but guess what? He’s human. Reminding yourself that he’s just a normal person, like your dad or li’l bro, will help you break down the gender wall that fuh-reaks you out so much.

Have Fun With It!

Talking to boys should be fun and exciting, not nerve-racking. One way to shrug off your worries? Laugh it up! Have some go-to jokes and stow them away in your back pocket for use when you’re in an at-a-loss-for-words pinch. A good chuckle should put you -- and him -- at ease.

Don’t Stress to Impress

A major reason many girls keep their lips zipped in the presence of boys is because they’re looking to wow them with some totally profound and insightful conversation. But don’t force it. Your friends and fam still love you when you don’t captivate them with your every word -- and boys will too.

Find Some Common Ground

You slam your locker shut and turn to go to science class when a cutie stops by to walk with you. Panic sets in. What are you going talk about?! Hmm, how about science? Duh! Take a minute to think of any hobbies, classes, clubs and interests you share with a guy. Reach into your bag of mutual likes for ammo to fire up the convo.

Pretend He’s Your BFF

When chit-chatting with a dude, pretend he’s just one of the girls. How would you act, and what would you say and do if the guy were just your best friend? Playing a little game of make-believe that he’s a gal pal should make you a lot less jittery.