5 Awesome Ways to Totally Bond with Your BFF

Think you and your BFF are stuck together like glue and couldn’t possibly be any closer? Maybe…but doubtful. There’s always room for deepening a relationship. Here are five fun ideas for making your friendship even tighter.

1. Share a secret stash box
Lucy and her best friend Bridget, both 12, found a cool way to deal with tough-to-tackle feelings. They used markers and glitter to decorate a shoebox for holding sentimental items. “The first thing I put in there was a note from my grandmother because I really miss her,” says Lucy. Bridget took the box home and put something personal in it, and passed it back to Lucy. “We take turns with the box, and we always talk about what’s inside,” explains Lucy. “It’s helped both of us get through some stuff.”

2. Get an adrenaline rush
Ever notice how on dating reality shows the guy and girl who go bungee-jumping often wind up together in the end? That’s because high-energy activities create emotional bonds between people. Do something exciting with your best bud (that amusement park ride that’s not for the coaster-phobic, perhaps?).

3. Give each other space
Huh -- step back to get closer? Believe it or not, time apart strengthens relationship bonds. If you’re spending 24/7 with your BFF, you’ll inevitably get on each other’s nerves (even if you don’t admit it). Take timeouts, and here’s the real challenge: Do not act jealous if she tells you she was hanging out with another girl since she last saw you. Solid friendships allow breathing room.

4. Create something together
Build a go-cart. Paint a mural. Form a band. Doing any kind of creative project will not only bring you and your friend closer; it will help you both learn how to work collaboratively with others -- a skill that will always come in handy. But the best part? Sharing in the satisfaction of a job well done once you’ve brought something to completion.

5. Conquer your fears
You hate snakes, and your friend is afraid of heights? You can help each other overcome your worst fears. She can hold your hand while you walk through the reptile exhibit at the zoo, and you’ll hold hers as you take the elevator up to the top floor of the tallest building in your town. What are friends for, right?

Image: Corbis