Shut Down the Boy Drama!

Wasn’t life so much easier back in first grade when boys still had cooties? Before guys practically hijacked every thought in your head space, the most annoying thing about your daily life was when your knee socks wouldn’t stay up.

But now? You’ve got this guy doing that, that guy doing this -- and none of it makes a lick of sense! Luckily, we’ve got it all figured out for you….

The Boy Who Should be Kissing You is Dissing You

  • The scene: You know he likes you -- his sister told your BFF. So why does he act as if you smell like burnt hair mixed with sardines?
  • The reality: It’s the teenage version of throwing sand at you on the preschool playground. He’s acting like he hates you because he likes you -- and he doesn’t want his buddies razzing him.
  • The happy ending: Keep being your warm smiley self, but keep it low-key and not over the top. He’ll eventually get that he can let his guard down because you’re such a chill girl. Right?

Your Best Guy Friend “Betrays” You

  • The scene: Your BGF announces that he has a crush on the one girl he knows you can’t stand. Grrr.
  • The reality: He could be trying to get a reaction out of you. And is it so bad that a guy wants to grab your attention? Or … he actually likes the girl.
  • The happy ending: Know that whom he dates is none of your biz. Give him your blessing, and don’t attempt to compete with his crush -- and be there for him when she dumps him for the next cute guy who comes along just because that’s the way she rolls.

The Official Boyfriend Is Acting … Different

  • The scene: He always calls, but this time he didn’t. He always puts his arm around you at lunch, but this time he didn’t. He always does whatever, but this time he didn’t.
  • The reality: Something is up, and OK, maybe it has to do with you. You can’t force a dude to show affection, so why try?
  • The happy ending: Ask him straight up what’s going on. You might find out he’s in a funk because his parents or coach are giving him heat. But if he says, “Nothing’s up” or (gulp) that the relationship is on the rocks, your best bet is to back off. He’ll reach out when he’s ready -- as long as he’s feeling it. Otherwise … embrace the fabulousness of being newly single!

Your Brother Is a Space Invader

  • The scene: He hacks your computer to read your private Facebook messages, copies and sends his friends the most secretive IMs between you and your BFF, and is generally ruining your existence.
  • The reality: He’s a turd who doesn’t respect boundaries.
  • The happy ending: Invasion of privacy is not acceptable. It really isn’t. It’s time for your parents to get involved. Tell them, maturely, about the problem. Betcha they’ll put a stop to it. Stat!