His BFF Is -- Gulp! -- a Girl!

So you’re into this amazing guy, and he’s ready for you to meet his friends. Except how do you deal if his closest confidant isn’t a guy but is actually -- gasp! -- a girl? Newsflash: Guys and girls can be buds. It’s completely natural to be worried, but let us be the first to tell you there’s no reason to hit the panic button.

Jealousy Will Backfire!
We cannot stress this enough. Would you dare think twice if his bestie were a guy? Of course not! So you must treat her like one of the guys. Sure, it’s a little awkward, but he wouldn’t introduce you to her if they had anything to hide. If you start asking if they’re really “just friends,” you’ll seem insecure and like you don’t trust him. Suspicious behavior will drive a wedge between you two -- not him and his girl best friend!

She’s Your Best Source of Info
Yeah, you might feel like a third wheel at first. They’ve known each other longer, so they have tons of funny stories and inside jokes. However, use her to your advantage. Want to surprise him by cooking dinner? She’ll confirm exactly what foods make him gag. Need a killer birthday gift idea for your guy? She’s your best sounding board -- promise!

She’s a New Friend for You Too
Every couple needs time apart. Absence does make the heart grow fonder. So when he’s off to see Transfomers with the boys and you want to see a chick flick with the girls…invite his girl best friend along! It shows that you support their friendship and are making a real effort to blend your social lives.

He’ll “Get” You More
If anything, knowing your boyfriend has such a close friendship with a girl should put you at ease. It shows he truly respects girls and values their opinions. He’s probably a great listener, excellent advice giver and knows better than to make fun of your obsession with the Jonas Brothers and Gossip Girl! So relax. He’d probably be with her if that’s what he really wanted, but he’s with you -- and that’s what matters!