Friending Your Frenemy

You know that girl in your crew who clashes with you? Whether it’s because of her rude ’tude or her constant negativity, you just don’t quite get along with her. And this could cause some awkwardness when you’re both hanging out in the same circle. So face it: She’s here to stay, and you have to make nice. Here’s how to keep the peace -- even with your worst frenemy.

Toss Her a Compliment
This is a tried-and-true tactic for shutting down frenemy friction. Rather than going out of your way to avoid, ignore or brush off a not-so-nice chica, be the first to shell out an “I like your outfit!” She won’t know how to respond, and you’ll leave her beyond baffled. It might even melt her iciness and have her seeing you in a different light.

Float Her an Invite
Throwing a birthday bash or hosting a sleepover? Instead of keeping your guest list exclusive to a favored few, extend an invitation to your frenemy too. There’s no better way to say, “Hey, let’s get to know each other better.” The gesture will take her by surprise, and having your whole group as a buffer should ease any awkwardness.

Have Her Back
Get on her good side by, er, taking her side. Stick up for her the next time the class clown targets your frenemy, or when an untrue rumor has been spread at her expense. Showing her a bit of loyalty when she feels heated or helpless is a surefire way to soften the friction between the two of you.

Make Her Laugh
Get chummy with your frenemy by having a good laugh with her. A case of the giggles can break even the tensest situation and banish any bad feelings. So show off your funny side! The minute you two are chuckling, the vibe should totally delete any bad feelings of the past.

Lift Her Spirits
Can you sense your frenemy is a little down and out? Did she get cut from the field hockey team or sprain her ankle? Take an oh-so thoughtful approach and use your creative juices to construct a “feel better” card. She should be wowed and softened by your support through tough times and start seeing you as (dare we say it?) a friend.