Does He Like You?

Boys are a total mystery -- especially when it comes to the “Does he like me?” dilemma. Confuzzled over how he feels? We got real boys to dish on how they show a girl they’re totally diggin’ her:


“I try to make her laugh.”

If a boy is crushing on you, he’ll go out of his way to make you laugh. Whether he constantly cracks jokes or just acts silly, it’s his shy way of saying he’s into you.

“I can’t help smiling a lot.”

Is your boy grinning from ear to ear every time he sees you? He most likely has feelings behind that smile. Just like how you can’t keep a straight face in front of a crush, it’s the same for boys too.

“I send her a friend request on FB.”

This fella admits that he stalks his crush on Facebook. When a guy fancies you, he’ll make an attempt to spark a connection -- sometimes via the Web.

“I tease her in a joking way.”

A lot of boys are too sheepish to come right out and say they like you. The alternative? He’ll playfully poke fun at you.

“I get really shy around her.”

Even the most confident guys get a little bashful when someone they like is nearby. Don’t assume a boy isn’t feeling you just because he clams up in your presence. He may be tongue-tied because you make him nervous. 

“I give her hugs.”

A surefire way to know if a dude has a crush is to watch his body language. Does he give you a flirty nudge or hug you hello? He’s not saying it, but he’s showing you he feels a spark.

“I go out of my way to talk to her.”

If a boy stops by your desk to say hi or hits you up in a crowded hallway, he’s making a special attempt to fire up a convo. Think he’s just making the most of mingling moments? Think again. He wants to connect with you.

“I help her with stuff.”

When a boy plays like he’s your hero, it doesn’t just mean he’s a sweet guy. Helping you open your locker, carrying your books or jumping at the chance to pick up an item you dropped shows he’s trying to win you over.

“I care about things I’ve never cared about before.”

If a guy shows a sudden interest in your cheerleading competitions or takes the time to notice your new ’do, he’s not just super-observant -- he’s hot for you. And if he starts wearing cologne? Look out!