Awkward Moments Much?

If half the class is snickering at your crush because his fly is at half-staff, should you tell him? Or maybe something totally unexpected (and inappropriate) shoots from your email outbox. Um…awkward. Here’s how to deal with these and other common uncomfy situations:

You’re sitting in class and your crush is so involved in delivering his oral report that he doesn't notice everyone's cracking up at his, ahem, unzipped fly.

What do you do? Do you laugh along with everyone and think, “I’m so glad I’m not him!”? Or do you tell the poor guy? Whether it’s a zipper gone south, spinach in someone’s teeth, stray boogers or body odor, ask yourself this: Wouldn’t you want to know? You could subtly motion to your crush. If he doesn’t get the drift, discreetly slip him a note or pull him aside after class. Be lighthearted about it so as not to further embarrass the boy, and he’ll probably appreciate your candor.

Your BFF has been plucking at your every last nerve, and you’re ranting about it in an email to another friend. Uh-oh. Did you just accidentally hit “Send to all”?

OK, so everybody in your contact list, including your BFF, will read your rant. When your emotions guide your actions, you don’t think before you click. The impersonal nature of cybercommunication often leads to misunderstandings. It’s hard to express the exact feelings you want to convey when chatting online, even when you’re not peeved. Next time, step away from the computer and nobody gets hurt. Just walk away for a few minutes before sending your message. For now? It’s time for a sincere, handwritten apology to your BFF.

You borrowed your friend’s off-the-shoulder shirt with the embroidered neckline for Friday night’s party. As you’re maneuvering your way to the bathroom, some guy knocks into you and…SPLAT! Red punch -- on the shirt.

“Sorry!” he says. You rush to the bathroom and blot the stain with cold water...but it won't come out. (Tip: Sometimes club soda or seltzer water works, so try that, too.) Your friend sees you and is horrified. You apologize profusely and she seems to calm down, but you know she's bummed. If the shirt is ruined, the right thing to do is buy her a new one. Meantime, check out the box below for a few rules on borrowing clothes from friends.