How to Get Over a BFF Breakup

BFF breakups hurt, we know. But here are our 10 commandments on how to make the ending of a friendship as ouch-free as possible.

1. Thou shalt not talk trash.
Ranting about someone is kind of like eating a whole bag of potato chips: You end up feeling bad, no matter how satisfying it seems in the moment. It’s better to play it cool and keep your lips zipped.

2. Thou shalt not text her.
Do not, we repeat, do not pick up the phone! Anything you say right now -- mean or nice -- will backfire since you’re both still recovering from the fallout of your fight.

3. Thou shalt not beat yourself up.
You’ll only drive yourself crazy thinking about where you went wrong. The fact is that any conflict between two people is always about … two people. So don’t even think about blaming yourself for how things played out.

4. Thou shalt not stalk her Facebook page.
Seeing her latest status update will so not help you move on. While we don’t recommend unfriending her (that’s just petty), think about logging off of Facebook for a week or two so you aren’t tempted to check her profile.

5. Thou shalt hang out with other friends.
Call one of your other leading ladies and clock some quality time together. The more fun things you do with other people, the less you’ll ruminate about your ex-BFF.

6. Thou shalt make your journal your new best friend.
Writing about how this friendship drama makes you feel can help you sort through all those tough emotions and make you feel better about where you are.

7. Thou shalt let yourself mope a little.
It’s OK to get a little emo. Watch sad movies, stay in your PJs and eat ice cream straight out of the carton. Just don’t wallow too long; the idea is to get the blues out of your system, not to end up in a long-term funk.

8. Thou shalt put yourself first.
When you’re tight with a friend, you often spend a lot of time focusing on what she wants to do. Now’s the time to think about what you really love: Been a while since you picked up a paintbrush or played soccer? Do that, stat!

9. Thou shalt remember that she’s hurting too.
Make no mistake: This is a rocky time for her also. Remembering that this is as tough for her as it is for you can help you move from depression to compassion.

10. Thou shalt pamper yourself.
You’ve gone through some tough stuff lately, so take a bubble bath, paint your nails purple, or do whatever else makes you feel relaxed and amazing. You deserve it!