Best Gifts for Your Favorite Boy

Whether it’s for the holidays or his birthday, figuring out the perfect prezzie for your boyfriend or best guy friend can be tough. That’s why we’ve come up with a foolproof list of fabulous things dudes love -- without putting too much of a pinch on your pocketbook.

Sporty Guy
Is your guy an extreme athlete or all-out fan? Get him a bobblehead of his fave athlete, a team T-shirt or a sports-themed video game. Some discount marts carry team merchandise, so shop there before hitting an expensive specialty store. Wanna hit a home run? Track down tickets to a game. If you can’t afford that, make handmade tix good for one-on-one basketball with you or a day of watching the big game on your family’s big-screen complete with a munch-down spread.

Tech Geek
Tech gadgets don’t come cheap, so turn your techie on to a little old-school stuff to challenge his forward-thinking brain. Give him a good classic sci-fi book (you know, with pages made of paper); make him a mixed CD he can download to his MP3; or pick up a Rubik’s Cube (around $10 at most toy stores).

Artsy Dude
If your boy is the creative type, hit the art supplies store and present him with a nice bouquet of pencils, markers and brushes wrapped with a piece of twine. Also get him a couple of sketch pads and do some artwork of your own or write something poetic on the first page. A guy like this might also appreciate some ceramic ware (handcrafted if you’re artistic too) along with a simple scented candle or incense from the dollar store.

Motor Head
If he doesn’t already collect model cars (or motorcycles or trucks), start a collection for him. Or purchase a quality tool, and give it to him with a ribbon around it and a nice note that says “You’re not just a tool.” You could also spring for a gift certificate to your nearest go-cart track since he has the need for speed. Mechanically inclined dudes almost always seem to be wired for the arcade, so you could always give him a small stocking stuffed with game tokens.