Nix the Negative Friendship Patterns

You abso-tootin-lutely love your girls. Their silly antics have you in a fit of daily giggles, and they always know just the right thing to say to turn your frown upside down. But sometimes the road to friendship isn’t all fun. Read on to find out how you can end friendship drama once and for all.

“My BFF always copies my look!”
You work hard to have a standout style, so it can be mucho a-ggrrr-vating when a bestie snags up your original fashion finds.

The Sunny Side: Ever hear the old saying, “Imitation is the best form of flattery?” It’s obvious you’re a trendsetter -- not a follower. So before ya huff and puff that your girl has played copycat for the umpteenth time, remember that it’s only because you’ve paved the way. She’s not trying to be you; she just loves your taste. So use your fashion sense to help your BFF find a unique style all her own.

“My friend always ditches me for boys.”
Your girl is with you through thick and thin, but the moment a brown-haired babe enters the picture, she goes missing.

The Sunny Side: Put yourself in her shoes and try to be understanding. Remember when you were totally gaga over that guy and you were anxious to spend every moment you could with him? Your girl feels the same way. Don’t worry, though; once the starry-eyed phase is over, she’ll be back by your side. Can’t wait? Let her know you miss her. But be confident enough in the friendship to let her enjoy her trip on Cloud Nine.

“My girlfriend mooches off me, and I don’t get much allowance!”
Sure, you might have thought buying a cup o’ joe for your gal at Starbucks or picking up the popcorn at the movies was no biggie. But now your girl is outta control.

The Sunny Side: Since your girl doesn’t have the cash to cover, think of other alternatives that you can do for free. This way you’ll both save money! You don’t need to spend dough to have fun with your girl, so stick to zero-cost outings and adventures when you’re hanging with your fave gal pal. Hit up a nature trail, break out the board games or bake a batch of brownies!