Pair up for a Group Date!

You can tell he likes you, and you like him. But the whole dating experience is just too weird and awkward. So gather up a group of your friends -- girls and guys! -- for a group date and invite your crush along. This is a great way to shake a case of the nerves while still getting to know your best boy a little better.

Group Date Tip No 1: Pick a place.
First off, figure out where you and your friends can go to interact and have a good time. Think of it as a field trip but without the chaperones. A flick is not the best pick since you won’t be able to chat it up inside a movie theater. Instead, consider some of these great group date ideas:

  • Swimming either at a pool or nearby lake
  • Miniature golf or even the local gaming place
  • Pizza place or other inexpensive sit-down restaurant
  • Carnival if there’s one in town
  • Cookout in somebody’s backyard
  • Free concert or outdoor festival (check local papers)
  • Picnic lunch at a park -- pack a cooler!

Group Date Tip No. 2: Don’t call it a “date.”
OK, so you and your BFF have decided to go ahead and plan this group date outing, but if you don’t want to scare the boys away, avoid using the word “date,” which is a little anxiety-charged. It’s a lot less pressure (and probably won’t freak your parents out as much either) if you just say, “Hey, a bunch of us are getting together this weekend. It’ll be so much fun!”

Group Date Tip No. 3: Ditch the shyness.

Even if you normally clam up around boys, this is your shot at showing your crush the real you. The whole point of a group date is to be able to relax and do away with “date expectations.” Put on your most confident smile and kick up a conversation with that cutie. Talk to him just like you would chat it up with one of your girls.

Group Date Tip No. 4: Keep it safe.

Let your parents in on where you’ll be and make sure all your friends agree to stay together as a group. Establish a meeting time and place in case anyone gets separated, and exchange cell phone numbers before you head out. Heh … now he has your number!