Show Mom You Love Her!

Sure, you and your mother -- or aunt or grandma or stepmom -- might not always look at things from the same angle. Put your differences aside for a while and do a few simple things to let Mom know she’s an awesome parent!

1. Tell her a secret.
“My mom is always asking questions like a detective,” says GWD reader Laura, 13. “‘Who did you sit with at lunch?’ ‘Who are you talking to online?’ I feel like she doesn’t trust me anymore!”

It’s not about trust. She’s interested because she loves you. So give her some gab: You’re in control of what you wanna spill. But the more you share, the less she’ll pry.

2. Spin some cool tunes.
Turn your mother on to a new band or musician you love. Teach her a dance step (as long as she pinkie-swears she won’t do it in public!). Then, have your mom introduce you to some of her favorite songs from her teen years. Music is a great way to connect and find out more about a person.

3. Ask embarrassing questions.
Talking to your mom about female stuff can feel a little awkward, but your mom is such a good resource. Whether you’re having problems with your menstrual cycle or are completely confused about cramps, just keep it casual. Take a straight-up approach and start by saying something like, “Mom, how old were you when you got your period?” She’ll be glad you asked.

4. Make some artwork.
Take any piece of artwork you’ve done -- photograph, poem, painting -- and put it in a frame. (You can pick up an inexpensive frame at discount stores.) Moms love handcrafted presents from their kids -- no matter how old you are!

5. Give her a journal.
Buy a blank diary, and on the first page, write a message of gratitude for something your mom has instilled in you through the years: “Thank you for teaching me the value of hard work” or “Thanks for always believing in me.” Every time she opens the book, she’ll be reminded of how much she’s loved and appreciated.

6. Hang out with her.
Make some plans with your mom. Check your local paper for free activities, such as community sporting events or outdoor music festivals. Or have a mother-daughter slumber party: Give each other manicures, pedicures and facials. Fun!