Make the New Girl Your New Friend

Nothing rocks the halls of school like a new girl. For the first few days after her arrival, your mind is buzzing with possibility. Who will she sit with at lunch? Will she be popular? Where’d she come from? Well, the new transfer doesn’t have to be a mystery. Let us clear this up for you: She’s lonely and lost -- and she could use a friend. Here’s how to make it happen.

Work up Your Nerve
Yeah, yeah, easier said than done. Seriously, striking up a convo can be stress-producing, what with all the potential awkward silences. But here’s the thing: The new girl is like a bug (bear with us here). Even though you’re a bit freaked out, that bug is way more scared of you. Same goes for the newbie. So if you keep it in that perspective, approaching her should be a cinch. (No swatting!)

Say Something Already!
The initial chat just needs to be ice-breaking, not groundbreaking. The subject matter doesn’t have to be anything particularly memorable or exciting, so don’t sweat it. Start with the basics: “Hey, what’s your name?” “Where are you from, (insert name you just learned)?” “Wow, how do you like it here so far?” End it with an invite to join you for lunch, if she needs a place to sit. Then leave it at that for now.

The Follow-through
Truth is, she maybe won’t remember your name the next time you talk. C’mon! She’s meeting tons of new people every day and has a lot to absorb. That means you reach out again, re-introduce yourself, and this time, delve a little deeper. Ask her about her old life -- because she probably really misses it and would love to talk about it. Then fill her in on some not-so-scandalous, need-to-know school gossip. It’ll make her feel like less of an outsider.

Round up the Posse
Now that the two of you are on the ins with each other, introduce the new gal to your crew in a chill no-pressure zone. Invite the girls over for a spa night or catch a High School Musical alum’s latest movie release. Even if they don’t become instant besties, giving your circle a chance to get to know your new friend can fend off pesky jealousy issues that might crop up when there’s a new girl in town.

Let Her Mingle
Warning: She might get along great with your friends and wind up really hitting it off with one or two or a few. If that happens, you need to give those buds your blessings. Friendships don’t divide; they multiply. So if she gets tighter with a BFF than with you, so be it. Give yourself snaps because if it weren’t for you, the girl might be wandering around solo, still wondering how to get from homeroom to science lab. You’re fab!