Get Along With Your Parents!

Do your parents expect you to work hard, study harder, dress a certain way? Do they think they can even pick your friends? Negotiating with your parents to loosen up a little is a skill, so here, we show you how to take the pressure off.

“How Can I Get Them to Listen to Me?”
There’s nothing wrong with disagreeing with your parents. In fact, it’s a necessary part of establishing yourself as a separate and unique person. Rather than criticizing their position, let them know how you feel. If you can’t seem to get your point across by talking to them, try writing a note or email. Giving them time to process what you have to say could make all the difference.

“My Parents Are Way More Lenient With My Brother”
We won’t argue the notion that many parents keep a tighter rein on daughters than sons. Maybe it’s because girls are more often victims of abuse or are more likely to experience depression. So make sure your parents know you understand the dangers. Listen to their reasoning … and compromise.

“Why Won’t They Let Me Make My Own Choices?”
Even if you don’t quite buy that their fears are legitimate, the best way to get your parents to be less protective is to ask them for a chance to show that you are responsible and can make smart decisions. Assure them you will ask for help if you’re ever unsure about what to do. Show maturity by letting them know you respect their advice and guidance.

“I Don’t Want to Constantly Be Under Their Watch!”
If you want your folks to let you, say, go to the mall with your friends, you should be familiar with the following safety precautions:

    1. Never talk to strangers -- no matter how cute they look or nice they seem.

    2. Always have at least $10 in cash on you and don’t spend it on candy -- this is “in case of emergency” money.

    3. Be sure your cell phone is charged. No cellie? Have change for a pay phone.

    4. Choose a time and spot to get picked up, and be punctual! If your parents pull up to the mall entrance, and you’re not there on
    time? Well, game over.