Relationship Resolutions for 2009!

Throwdowns with parents. Bud brawls. Fear of talking to that cutie in chem. It's all so negative. With a few tweaks, you can turn relationship woes into positive vibes.

1. Chat up the crush
It's hard to imagine uttering actual words to the boy you're gaga over, but vow to make a move! Start by simply tossing a smile. Next, kick it up by saying “hi” and asking about his weekend. It might make him comfortable enough to strike up the convo next time. Boys need confidence boosters, just like you do.

2. Make a peace treaty with sibs
Brothers, sisters…they can be a major pain. But admit it -- sometimes you aren't so easy to live with either. Do something fun with a younger sibling on your terms. By giving a little, you'll get a fat dose of respect in return. Wanna get closer to an older sib? Throw an occasional nonchalant compliment instead of nagging and tagging along. Your subtle show of maturity will earn major respect.

3. Be more patient with parents
Do the 'rents need to know everything you do? Look, they love you -- A LOT. But to avoid certain subjects, be the conversation starter. Serve up a few fun facts about your life. This way you keep the topics to your liking, and they feel they're getting to know the person you're growing up to be.

4. Don't sweat the petty friendship stuff
Friends often feel left out…even if the gang had good intentions. Overreacting can explode into a full-on bud battle. Dodge the bud-blowout bullet if you make a pact to shoot each other straight. Two pals didn't invite you to movie night? Gently tell 'em you'd love to be included next time, without creating drama.

5. See teachers as allies, not the enemy
When you score a less-than-stellar grade on a class project, your gut reflex might be to blame an “insanely difficult” teacher. But they aren't the bad guys -- they just want you to learn. Meeting with a teacher after school shows you're making an effort…and you might pick up clues on what to expect from the next pop quiz!