The Real Scoop on Sisters

Even if you and your sister constantly bicker, the relationship between you two has a major influence on you socially and emotionally -- in positive ways!

Sisters Chase the Blues Away
No matter what your age or how many years apart you are, a sister boosts your mood way more than brothers do. (Studies prove it.) Girls are natural caregivers and more willing to express their feelings -- major defenses against depression.

“Once, I came home from school feeling really sad because some girls were making fun of me,” says Leah, 10. “My little sister, Laurel, noticed immediately and said, ‘It doesn’t matter what they think. It only matters what we think.’”

Your Sister Has Your Back
Despite occasional sibling tiffs, if someone else messes with sis, watch out! “Sometimes, I wish my sister would back off when friends are over,” says big sister Leah. “But if my friends say Laurel can’t play, then I won’t play.”

“My old school had this crazy tradition where older kids teased kindergarteners during dismissal,” says Kelli, 14. “Every day, my big sister waited for me, and everyone knew not to mess with me.”

A Sister Will Inspire You

Sisters and brothers -- more than parents -- inspire kindness and motivate each other to overcome fears. Like when Kaitlyn, 10, coaxed older sister Tanaya, 13, onto the rollercoaster … or when Bella, 9, got sister Jill, 11, off the high dive.

Consider her your personal cheerleader. Singled out in ballet, big sis Jill was offered a dance solo ... but the drama was canceled. “I was so upset,” says Jill. “But Bella told me, ‘At least they offered you the part.’ And she was right!”

Says Tanaya about sister Rachael, 16: “My big sis really inspires me to get good grades. She studies really hard.”

Your Sister Brings out the Best in You

Some squabbling between sibs is normal -- and it teaches you to make up, cool down and deal with difficult situations. “Leah gets me really mad when she bosses me around,” says Laurel, 7. “But we always say sorry, and after a while it’s like it never happened.”

Sure, she’s annoying -- but there’s nothing like sisterly love. “Once my little sister tumbled head over heels down the stairs,” recounts Leah. “Mom wasn’t around, and Laurel ran over crying and grabbed me in this huge hug. Right then, I would’ve done anything for her.”