Dating Disaster Survival Guide

Dating can be a slippery slope -- that’s why we want to help you gain solid footing. Here are our tips on how to save face in any situation. No sweat!

Worst-case Dating Scenario No. 1: You get your period unexpectedly.
Uh-oh. You’re chatting it up with your crush over a pile of shared nachos when you get that familiar (or unfamiliar, if you’re a first-timer) dampness in your underpants. Yikes … you’ve gotten your period!

What to do? Well, your best bet is to expect the unexpected. Even if you’re not due for a period, it’s never a bad idea to wear a just-in-case panty liner. And you keep a tampon or pad in your bag at all times, right? Right? If not, now is a good time to start. Excuse yourself to the ladies room and take care of business. If you don’t have any supplies, there are usually feminine-product dispensers in public restrooms, so take some change with you.

Worst-case Dating Scenario No. 2: The conversation freezes up ... brrr!
Again, it’s best to be prepped, so think ahead. Stash a few secret conversation weapons up your sleeve in case you two run into any of those awkwardly silent moments.

Before your date, make a mental list of three topics you can bring up to kick-start some conversation if the banter runs dry. For example, you could talk about the most recent concert you attended (be sure to ask about his musical tastes), your science-fair project or last week’s big game. No talking about the weather, puh-lease!

Worst-case Dating Scenario No. 3: You have a, um, wardrobe malfunction.
Aw, sheesh! Whether you’ve lost a button, busted a zipper or ripped a seam, something as simple as a safety pin (or two) can really save the day. It’s not difficult to toss a few into your bag before the date -- and just like with a tampon, it’s a good idea to keep a few on you all of the time anyway. Do you see a running theme here? The point is to be prepared.

Worst-case Dating Scenario No. 4: Your date has wicked-bad breath.
He’s cute and he’s kissable -- that is, until he leans in for a smooch, and you catch a whiff of ... what is that?

It’s smart to stash mints or gum along with your other emergency items, but here’s an important trick when it comes to dating and the quality of his breath (and yours): When you’re dining together, follow his lead and eat the same type of food as your date. If he orders something loaded with garlic, you’re not going to notice if you’ve eaten a garlicky dish too. Otherwise, step away from the scampi!