Triple Threat of Toxic Friends

Look, all friendships have ups and downs. But if a bud’s behavior routinely pulls you down or cramps your style, you could be dealing with a toxic friend. Here, we take a look at three types of toxic friends … and dole out advice for detoxing from a pal’s poison darts.

1. Buds That Belittle
Do you have a gal pal who picks you to pieces? No matter what, she constantly cuts you down to size. Here’s the thing: Girls who repeatedly put people down have such low self-esteem that they feel empowered by finding fault in others -- even their friends.

Toxic friend detox tactic:
Simply understanding that your belittling bud actually feels inferior can take the edge off her cutting remarks. A little bit of killer kindness can go a long way in softening the verbal blows. The next time she says, “OMG, where’d you get that tacky skirt?” just laugh it off with “Oh, at the Tacky Skirt Shack!”

2. Drama Queens

There’s a drama queen in every circle, but some take it to a toxic level. Perhaps your friend has a knack for turning little tiffs into full-on blowouts. This girl gets a rush when stuff is in crisis mode, so she might even create a conflict when the vibe is too serene and pristine. Can you say “meltdown”?

Toxic friend detox tactic:
How to avoid the fallout of an over-the-top drama queen’s grand performance? Don’t be her tragic co-star or give her an audience. When she acts all dramatic, walk away and let her know you’ll talk to her when she’s chill. Think of it as friendship intermission.

3. The Ultimate User

This toxic friend only chats it up with you when she wants to “borrow” your weekly allowance or history homework. Or maybe she just buddies up with you because she has a big crush on your older brother. Whatever her deal, this friendship is one-sided.

Toxic friend detox tactic:
Learn to say “no way” to this gal. If she snubs you when you don’t give her what she wants, she’s not a true-blue pal. So ice her out and consider it her loss, not yours. Yep, she’s a loser: She loses you!