Wherefore Art Thou?

You like him but think he can’t be the guy because why? He’s older? Younger? He used to be your BFF’s crush? Fill in your details here. But guess what -- none of that makes a bit of diff.

Oh, Romeo, why must thou be younger than I am?
Let us first make this point with crystalline clarity: Huge age differences really are not appropriate when it comes to dating during your school years. But if he’s a mere grade below (or above) you -- so what? As long as you find that you two are compatible when it comes to maturity mojo, why sweat the birthdates? Refuse to play games, particularly when they involve irrelevant numbers.

Oh, Romeo, please do say you are not my brother’s best bud…
So you’ve fallen hard for your bro’s BFF? Sure, it might feel weird at first, especially if you’ve known this guy since forever but never really noticed him until now. Truth is, your sib might not be so keen on the idea of his pal kicking it with his sister. But if the crush is mutual, don’t let your brother sabotage it with silly ideas about who you should or shouldn’t be dating, OK?

Oh, Romeo, ’tis a far tougher thing than rival schools to keep us apart…
Juliet was hot for a guy in tights and buckled shoes because he was true and passionate, even though he was so very “wrong” for her. But by whose rules? Not love’s rules. You like who you like, and it doesn’t matter whether or not you go to the same school. End of story.

Oh, Romeo, a rose by any other name is still my best friend’s ex-crush…
You might be booting the prospect of an amazing potential BF out of your mind for a reason that seems intense but turns out to be a whole lotta nothing. Just do a quick check with your girl to be sure she isn’t still scribbling his name on the inside of her binder. As long as your friend is no longer ga-ga over the guy, there’s no good reason not to go for it. No more drama!