Summer Biz: Be the Best Baby Sitter on the Block!

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Baby-sitting is one of the best summer jobs out there! But entertaining the kids can be a real drag when they’re bored and you can’t think of a thing to do. Try these fun activities -- and remember how cool it is to be a kid!

Kids’ Choice Awards
Wanna get on the kids’ good sides right away? Ask them to show you their fave toys, games and books … but do it like a red carpet–worthy awards ceremony! Have the kids announce their Best Activity That Involves a Paintbrush and Favorite Fairy Tale of All Time. It’s a fun way to find out what the kids are into and to seal the friendship.

Bag of Tricks
When your charges get tired of playing with their toys, whip something out of your own bag of goodies. Fill a cute tote with stuff from around your house, such as your brother’s old remote-controlled dinosaur or your My Little Pony collection.

Wear ’em Out!
Bring a few old pieces from Halloween costumes, like a plastic mask or feather boa, and play dress-up. Be sure to deck out all glitz-and-glam when conducting your fancy awards ceremony. (See our first idea above.)

Dance the Night Away
Put together a baby-sitting playlist on your iPod, and you and the kids can have a mini dance party! Just call it your secret weapon of mass fun-dom.

Which … Craft?
Break out the craft supplies! Here’s an idea: See how many alien characters the kids can make with various types of uncooked pasta, glitter and tacky glue. Just try to keep it on the less-messy end of the art spectrum by putting newspaper down on the work surface first and being sure to clean up afterward. (No one wants angry parents at the end of the night!)

Play With Your Food!
Continue the creativity into snack time! Turn gummy fruit bits into edible sculptures by molding them between your fingers (clean hands, please!). Record your creations on a digital camera for keeps.

Silly Story Time
Help out a kid who’s learning to read, and let her practice with you. Step it up a notch by having everyone make a funny voice for each character. Hit up the library before your baby-sitting gig, and show the kids that reading is fun!