How to Be Popular

Every girl wants to be popular, right? You want to be liked by as many people as possible. But popularity is about being fantastic, not plastic! Here, we lay down the myths and truths about popularity so it all makes way more sense.

Myth: Popularity is about looking a certain way.
Truth: Be active!

Being popular is not about how you look, what you wear or which handbag you carry. If you want to get to know a lot of kids who are into the same things as you are, get involved in lots of activities. Join a club. Try out for a sport. Audition for the school play. If you’re hanging out in lots of different circles, you’re going to get noticed. For sure!

Myth: Being popular means acting like the cool kids.
Truth: Be yourself!

When you do start circulating, be sure you’re signing on for stuff that genuinely interests you. Don’t go out for basketball or run for class treasurer just because you want to hang with a certain group. Do it because it’s something that really gets you stoked!

Myth: Popular girls always run in exclusive cliques.
Truth: Be friendly!

OK, some girls tend to run in groups from which they exclude others. But gals like that are actually insecure and are trying to give off the illusion that they’re better than everyone else. If you want to be well-known by lots of different kids, never act like you’re too good to be seen with anyone in particular. Show that you’re open to being friends with anyone who’s nice and fun to be around.

Myth: To be popular, you have to follow the pack.
Truth: Be confident!

If you’re acting like a clone, you’re not being true to yourself. Know who you are, do what you like and develop your own personal style. Nothing makes you stand out from the crowd more than giving off a vibe that screams, “I’m unique, and I’m proud of it!” Do it fearlessly. Imagine it’s like ice-skating: When you’re afraid you may fall, you usually look klutzy. When you skate with confidence, you glide along with grace! And so it is with popularity.