Make Peace With Your Body

Jealous that your BFF can eat half a dozen cupcakes without gaining an ounce? Or maybe you hate your muscle-thick thighs because you want lanky legs like Taylor Swift’s. Or have you been wishing really hard that your boobs were … different?

Fat butt, pointy boobs, muffin top … stop that right now! As they say in Hollywood, image is everything. And if you have a positive self-image, you’ll project that. It’s totally true that when you feel good, you look good. Here’s how to love and embrace your body -- and stop wishing you had someone else’s.

Body Slam: “I’m so fat!”
Here’s something any naturally skinny girl will tell you: “I hate my [fill in the blank].” Just because bony chicks never (seem to) gain weight doesn’t mean they don’t have their own gripes. They might think they have ugly feet or big ears or wish they had a “better” butt. Get it?

Image Makeover:
Did you know the average age a female starts dieting is 8 years old? Isn’t that hard to read? Girl, let’s eat! But let’s not devour a whole row of cookies. Simply eat until you’re full at meals. Hint: This does not mean feeling like you’re about to burst.

Body Slam: “No amount of exercise will change my shape.”

Actually, it will. Giving up is the main reason people fail to meet their exercise goals. A few weeks of some bo-ring fitness regimen, and your brain muscle is associating the whole deal with suffering. No wonder it feels like a lost cause.

Image Makeover:
Ever notice how groups of athletes have similar body builds? Swimmer guys -- rawr! -- with broad, built shoulders? Lean soccer players? Ballerinas and B-girls? This is because they repeatedly use the same muscle groups. If you play to your bod’s strengths, you’ll love how it develops. But take up activities you enjoy. Hit Skateland for weekly open rink sessions. Ride your bike for a half hour every day. Dance to your favorite music vids. Bust a move!

Body Slam: “Celebs are all so much better looking than me.”

Taylor Swift is pretty, and the record execs who pick teen sensations took one look at her and saw dollar signs. Taylor wasn’t put into the recording studio just because of her voice -- the industry wanted you to covet her looks. And it worked. You love those legs, that hair, whatever … and you buy her music. You feeling bad about yourself because she is cute makes no sense.

Image Makeover:
Taylor works it, but even she has insecurities. She’s said she feels like she towers over guys. She also fights frizzies. She has her crud, you have yours -- all girls do! And not to be mean, but ever notice how Taylor gets dumped by all her dudes? Long legs aren’t everything.

Body Slam: “I hate my boobs!”

Teens are especially hard on themselves about their boobs because, well, they’re very new to you. It’s only been a minute, but already you wish they were bigger or smaller or had different nipples. Enough!

Image Makeover:
Who are these “perfect” boobs for? Your to-do: Buy the prettiest, best-fitting bra you can find and think of it as part of the whole boobie package. Boobs come in all fabulous shapes and sizes, so stop with the self-sabotage.