A First Time for Everything!

Whether you’ve already gotten your period or you’re still waiting for your mom to let you shave, this is a time in your life when you’re having one first-in-a-lifetime experience after another. Hey, you’re a big girl now.

First Period
“When I got my first period, it was during a sleepover at my BFF’s house. It wasn’t a slumber party or anything, just me spending the night. But it was still so embarrassing -- I slept in one of her twin beds, and the sheets were bloodstained when I woke up in the morning. My friend was so nice about it, though. We changed the bedding, and her mom got me a pad.”  -- Geanie, 15

First Time Shaving
“When I was 9, I wasn’t allowed to shave yet. But during the summer, I really wanted my legs to be smooth. (They were very hairy.) One day, I was in the bathtub and saw my mom’s razor. I couldn’t resist. I shaved, but I didn’t cover all of my legs. The hair was in sections, so it looked like stripes. I traded my shorts for long pants until the hair grew back out so my parents wouldn’t see, even though it was, like, 100 degrees out.” -- Kelli, 14

First Kiss
“My first kiss was at summer camp with my best friend’s cute cousin. We were sitting by a campfire, and I knew he was going to kiss me. I was sooo nervous and was trembling all over. Well, I’d just had a bunch of root beer right before so when he leaned in ... I burped. Right in his face. He kissed me anyway.” -- Christine, 16

First Stick of Deodorant
“I had a crush on this boy, so one of my friends told him. He said to her, ‘Jess is nice and all, but I can’t go out with her -- she stinks.’ I was mortified! I immediately went to the store and bought some deodorant. I had no idea I had body odor. Ugh. But now I have a nice boyfriend who likes the way I smell.” -- Jessica, 12

First Bra
“I got my first bra when I was, like, 6. My favorite aunt bought it for me, but it really was just a flimsy pullover made of elastic and T-shirt material. It sort of had cups, but no hooks or wires or anything. It had a weird picture of a windmill on it, and I thought it was so cool. I just found it in my drawer the other day. That thing is dorky.” -- Ryan, 13