The Three Times It’s OK to Gossip

So, we’ve all learned that gossiping is a total no-no. And if you’ve ever been on the not-so-nice side of the whispers and murmurs, you know how hurtful gossiping can be. But let’s be real -- it’s often just too hard to resist taking part in the “ooh’s” and “aah’s” of the rumor mill.

We hear ya, girl, loud and clear! Turns out, a lot of experts actually agree that taking the time to have some fun with a bit of banter can be great for easing stress and upping social skills. Yay! Not all gossip has to be negative. Here are the three times it’s OK to repeat the juicy deets. Under any other circumstances, keep your lips sealed!

Friendly Warning
Gossip can, at times, be used to help a friend or dole out some sincere advice to another person. For example: Is your bestie crushing on a bad boy whose rep is less than desirable? Remember, gossip can be deceiving, so you should def give the guy a chance. Get to know him one-on-one before forming an opinion. (Remember how everyone misjudged Jesse in Prom?) But if you have firsthand knowledge that a friend could be getting involved in a sticky situation, speak up!

Permission Slip
If you get a nod directly from the source to leak her biz to the masses, feel free to telecast her tidings. Say, for example, a girl in your crew wants you to publicly announce she’s got a date with the hottest guy in your neighborhood, or that she landed a spot on the summer cheer squad. There’s no foul play in dishing out the scoop. If there’s ever a moment when a friend wants to boast a bit about the happenings in her life via the grapevine, spread the word!

Celeb Chatter
Sometimes, joining in on the gab session can just be a bit of fun chit-chat to deliver the latest in entertainment news. Was there a sighting of your fave teen celebrity canoodling with another celeb? Did you hear that two on-screen divas are totally real-life frenemies? Go on and share the hot-off-the-press reports.