May the Force Be With You

Nikki Goldstein, author of GirlForce: A Girl’s Guidebook for the Body and Soul, gave us the inside scoop on how air, fire and Earth elements dominate your well-being, based on the ancient practice of Ayurveda. One elemental energy rules for most girls. What’s your type? Read below to find which one fits you best…then be your best you!

Are You an Air Girl?
Girls who are air types are generally creative and adventurous with slim frames. They can be tall or short, but usually have brownish skin, dark freckles, frizzy hair, small eyes, small teeth (sometimes cute and crooked) and dark eyes.

Standout traits Imaginative and quick-witted, you’re a natural-born innovator. You’d make a good fashion designer or astrophysicist. Too much to do, so little time? You also tend to get stressed, scatterbrained, nervous and exhausted.

Make it work Get plenty of rest and eat warm meals. Light and gentle exercise, such as yoga or tai chi, is balance for your body and mind.

Are You a Fire Girl?
Fire-type girls are passionate and determined. They often have medium-sized athletic builds, reddish and blond hair tones, and piercing green-blue or hazel eyes. Skin tends to get sunburned.

Standout traits You make everyone’s party list because you’re dynamic, passionate and magnetic. Still, you’re not always right! It’s a virtue to be a good loser and let others share some of the spotlight.

Make it work To take the pressure off, try swimming and outdoor sports to keep you cool and balanced. Also skip the coffee and fried foods and eat salads and fresh fruit instead.

Are You an Earth Girl?
Earth types are often dreamy and low-key. You might have a larger, curvy build, skin that is pale for your race, thick hair, and large, dark brown or blue eyes. Earthlings generally don’t like exercise.

Standout traits You’re the one everyone depends on in a crisis. You’re a devoted friend who brings balance to any relationship. But when you let yourself go, you end up horizontal.

Make it work Don’t give in to your laid-back nature to the degree that you become lazy and lackluster. You need a light diet that includes plenty of fresh fruits and veggies, plus plenty of regular exercise. Push yourself to meet new people and avoid relationship ruts.