Set a New Trend for 2010!

Yes, we hope you love yourself exactly the way you are right now. But life is about continuously growing and evolving, and what better time than the new year to make positive changes?

“I’ve been wearing my hair the same way since I was 5.”
Ponytails and headbands are great, but could it be time to update your do? Cropped pixies and bobs are expected to be popular in 2010 if you’ll let your stylist go scissor-happy. (C’mon, be brave!) If you’re adamantly against short hair, go shoulder length but play with it: buns or low ponies, curly or straight, middle or side part.

“I have OK clothes, but I don’t really have a style.”
So, you throw on a pair of jeans and a T-shirt most days? Great, but put a little personality into your look! You can really punch it up with accessories. Take a fashion trend -- hats, shawls and denim jackets are hot this season -- and make it your own by adding, say, that punk-rock pin you keep stuck to your bedside lampshade. Stylin’!

“I’m so sick of the drama between me and my friends.”
If you and the BFFs consistently have conflicts, remember: You can’t change their behavior, but you can change your own. So, take an honest look at your actions and promise yourself three things:

1.    “I will not put my friends down.”

2.    “If it’s not my biz, I’ll stay out of it.”

3.    “I won’t hold grudges.”

Follow these rules, and your relationships should improve.

“My grades aren’t too bad, but I know I could do better.”
If you know you’re not doing your best work, then you’re not trying hard enough. It’s one thing if you’re giving it your absolute all and still only coming out average, and that’s OK. But if you’re just getting by when you know you could be even slightly better? Crack the books. If you need a little boost, ask your teacher for some pointers.

“I just wish my parents would get off my back.”
Sometimes it seems the parentals are pushing you too hard, and the very next sec, they’re reining you in. Yeah, we know. Your best bet? Demonstrate maturity. Show them you’re responsible by coming home at curfew, keeping up with schoolwork and doing chores without being asked. We can almost guarantee this will keep them off your case -- and maybe even give you bargaining power for negotiating extra privileges!