Kick off a Summer Business!

Summer is about hanging at the beach or catching up on TV shows. But it can also be the perfect time to create your own summer business and rake in a little cash. Ready for a summer biz blitz? Here’s how to get started.

Summer Business Strategy No. 1: Figure out Something People Want
Maybe you’re a wiz at building blogs or baking cupcakes. Think about your talents or interests, and pair them with a service or product that’ll attract customers to your summer business. Remember, it’s important to choose something that gets you excited, since you’ll be spending a lot of time working on it.  

Summer Business Strategy No. 2: Come up With a Game Plan
Once you decide on the business idea you want to launch, start doing some research and scour some books on how to write a business plan. You can find out really cool things like what an executive summary or a financial plan is.

Even if you don’t write a formal business plan, research your summer business idea and be ready to explain it to others: “I tutor elementary school kids in math and science” or “I make recycled jewelry out of soda cans.”

Summer Business Strategy No. 3: Spread the Word Around
Even if you have the best summer business idea on the planet, you’ll need to promote it. Otherwise, people won’t know your biz exists. Depending on the type of business, you could set up a Web site, distribute fliers or meet with community members. (Be sure your parents are on board with your promo plan first.)

Girl World Daily reader Maya, 16, who plays clarinet and several other instruments, offers private music lessons for younger kids. Maya teamed up with a woman who runs programs for kids and provides space for lessons. “She doesn’t know anything about music, but she knows how to get the word out and who to contact,” says Maya. “Don’t be shy. You have to be outgoing if you want your business to blossom!”