Need Advice? Tap Into Your Intuition!

Are you desperately in need of advice? You could always bounce it off your BFF. Or your mom. Or your guidance counselor. Or … yourself! Here, we show you some tried-and-true techniques for following your own heart.


The Sitch: Your cousin is running with the wrong crowd, and she’s invited you to go to the mall with her and the crew this weekend. You miss your cuz; the two of you always have so much fun together! But you didn’t get such a good vibe from these kids the first time you met them.

Check Yourself: No need to answer your cousin on the fly! Thank her for the invite and tell her you’ll get back to her. Then take some quiet time to sort it all out. Sit down, close your eyes, still your mind and feel your truth. Would you like to give her friends a chance, or are you just not getting a good vibe about the whole thing? Follow that hunch.


The Sitch: You were going after a starter position for the soccer team. You doubled up on practices and worked really hard, but you didn’t make the cut for first string. Coach is offering you a choice: second string for the super-competitive team or captain of intramurals.

Check Yourself: Decision-making can be challenging, especially when a ton of emotions are swirling around the issue. Instead of going into a woe-is-me fit, take a stroll. That’s right, a good walk can help you release negative feelings and shift your mood. Better? Once you’re centered, weigh the issue. Captain or second string? You can’t go wrong either way when it’s all about playing your game and having fun!


The Sitch: Your school’s mean girl has posted some pretty snide remarks about you on Facebook. It’s nothing major, but it’s clear she’s trying to rub you. And it’s working; you’re steamed! Ugh, everyone is texting you about it. You want to handle this without creating more drama, but how?

Check Yourself: If you’re looking for a specific answer here, sorry, not happening. Learning to read your intuition is about solving your own problems, especially in situations as sticky as this. When life gets complicated, it’s time to grab your journal and get writing. It’s OK to plan fantasy schemes of revenge, but once you’re done venting that bad juju, jot down as many amicable real-life solutions as possible.


The Sitch: Your two best friends are spatting, and you’re stuck in the middle. And you feel like you and your BF are drifting apart. Oh, and your parents are turning a bedroom into an office and making you double up with your sister. Plus, you’ve got exams coming up! Seems like it can’t get any worse.

Check yourself: Ruh-roh! When things pile on at once, do not go into freak-out mode. Give it a rest, literally, by solving problems in your sleep. Your dreams can be like a whisper from a trusted friend: your subconscious. Decoding your dreams provides clues to cracking your life’s little mysteries.