Be an Adventure Girl!

Outside is in! It’s time to round up your BFFs and get outta the house.  Enjoy the scenery, tone your bod and flex good attitude. Visit your local outdoor retailer store or go online for books, maps and recommendations for adventures in your area.

Hiker Chic
Water bottle? Check! Granola bars? Check! Flashlight? Check! You’re almost ready to take a hike. Lace up your sneaks, grab your day pack and take in the nature. Hiking is inexpensive, and no experience is necessary. Enjoy trails of all lengths, from blazed backcountry trails to paved urban park trails. Spend an hour or spend a day. Hike a loop trail or walk out and back on the same path. What are you waiting for? Hit the trail!

Catch the Caching Craze
You’re never too old for games. Geocaching is a worldwide game of hide-and-seek! “Geo” is for geography, and “cache” is a hiding place. So, geocachers use geographic information to find a cache or hidden treasure using a GPS. A cache usually contains a logbook for finders to write a personalized entry. This is a fun outing with friends or fam. While GPS receivers can be expensive to buy, you can rent one online. You’re getting warmer.

Rock Your World
Rock climbing lingo includes words like “harness,” “belay device” and “carabiner.” It’s a bit more gear-intensive and important to get proper training so you don’t face-plant into a rock face. But the adrenaline rush is worth it. Test your skills at your local indoor rock climbing gym or do an Internet search for an adventure outfitter offering intro courses to outdoors climbing. Rock this sport with a BFF. Climb on!

Row, Row, Row Your Boat
Flatwater kayaking and canoeing are relaxing ways to spend a warm day. Local parks and outfitters often rent boats by the hour or day. If you’re paddling downriver, you’ll need a shuttle to get back to your starting point. Or, just paddle around on a lake or open water area. You’ll soak up some sun and buff those biceps. But don’t forget the life jacket! Now, go make some waves.