How to Reinvent Your Look for Back-to-School!

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Back-to-school serves up the chance to showcase your ever-expanding signature style -- it’s always fun to look the part that spells Y-O-U! And the beginning of the school year is the perfect time for stepping into a new fashion groove. But instead of going for a head-to-toe “check me out!” makeover, it’s the little changes that count (do not be that girl who left school with ribbons in her hair and comes back all Goth!).

Clothes Encounter
When you’re back-to-school clothes shopping, be sure to stock up on plenty of basic pieces but have fun with statement accessories that scream, “I am me!” The same simple skinny jeans-and-tee outfit can be spun any which way: Make it punk with a painted-up hoodie, studded belt and safety-pin jewelry. Or go country-western by tucking your pants into cowboy boots, tossing on a suede vest and wearing pigtails.

The look we love: Use embroidered iron-on patches -- whether you prefer peace signs or band logos (or both!) -- to make a denim skirt or jacket uniquely yours.

It’s a Shoe In!
Getting the perfect pair of back-to-school shoes is quite possibly your most important shopping mission. They need to be comfy…but stylish (unlike the comfortable footwear worn by many cafeteria ladies, LOL!). Aside from the sneakers you need for phys ed, you’ll want at least one pair of shoes that totally reflects your style. To give any outfit an extra punch, strut your stuff in something loud, like floral-canvas fleece-lined boots or bright-blue woven-leather clogs.

The look we love: Converse sneakers can be custom-made to fit any personality with their design-your-own feature online.

To ’Do or Not To ’Do?
Back-to-school hairstyles need to be essentially hassle-free. If you’re ready for a haircut, this is the one area where you could dare to be radical. Try a short pixie cut, which is super-easy to maintain. Not that brave? Pick up some pretty new hair accessories and play around with them in front of the mirror -- hot this season are headbands and side parts.

The look we love: The popularity of ABC Family’s Bunheads has brought back the hair bun! Tuck in tiny rhinestone bobby pins to glam it up.

Kiss and Makeup
When it comes to makeup, we’re definitely of the less-is-more mentality. If this is the year your parents are letting you experiment with cosmetics, use them to accentuate your natural beauty. A little lip gloss and maybe a swipe of mascara should do. If you go for blushes and eye shadows, choose neutral shades -- save the shimmery and sparkly products for special occasions, such as the school dance!

The look we love: Nail tattoos come in all kinds of fun designs, so polish up your fingers and toes, then slap on a few! Seal with a swipe of clear topcoat.

Photo: Corbis Images