Dressing Room Crashers

Got a school dance coming up? Or do you just need to pad your holiday wardrobe? Ugh. Dressing room dread has set in. ...

Well, we did a little eavesdropping in the dressing room, and we didn’t love the body-bashing we heard! That’s why we’re here to give you a body image makeover.

Slam: “Ouch, this zipper is digging into my skin!”

Going Glam: Why, oh, why are you trying to squeeze into a piece of clothing that’s too small? Is it because of a number on a tag? The only person who’s going to see that tag with the size on it is you, so get over it. Cuts and styles are different from one brand to the next and from one piece of clothing to another, so if you’re usually a size 7 and have to go with a 9, who cares? It’s just a number! Besides, wearing clothes that are too tight is not flattering.

Try this on for size: Comfort trumps fashion every time! If it’s too tight, too short or too anything, then it’s not for you.

Slam: “I hate my [insert body part here]”

Going Glam: Why battle with your body type? Instead, work with what you’ve got. Girls come in all different shapes and sizes, and they’re all beautiful! So take care of yourself by being physically active (hey, walking around the mall is exercise!), and strut your stuff confidently. Nothing is more attractive than a girl who is comfortable in her own skin, no matter what.

Try this on for size: Focus on your strengths and play them up: “I love my smile. And, wow, I’m having a really good hair day.” Look in the mirror every day and compliment yourself on whatever you love!

Slam: “I look hideous in this outfit. Selena Gomez wears it so well!”

Going Glam: Girls are all built differently, remember? In fact, no two bodies are exactly alike. What fun would that be? Besides, Selena Gomez and other teen celebs have crews that work on their style, image and looks. So stop comparing yourself. Find the cuts and styles that work for you, and don’t take it so seriously. Fashion is supposed to be fun!

Try this on for size: Play around with accessories, such as belts and scarves, to give an outfit your own personal touch. When all else fails, go shoe shopping!