Buh-Bye, Bed Head!

Dreaded “bed head” usually comes from sleeping on wet hair, wearing bands to bed or tossing and turning all night. No need to hide under the covers. Never again leave the house looking like you stuck your finger in an electric socket!

Prevent the Poofies
Bed head is easier to prevent than fix. It’s best to wash hair so it has time to dry before you hit the sack. If you blow-dry, don’t put your head on the pillow while hair is warm -- that can set it in ways you don’t want. And no gels, mousses or sprays before bed.

Still All Sticky-uppy?
If you’ve taken the above advice and still look like an anime character, here are some in-a-flash fixes.…

Quick Fix No. 1 Shower in the a.m. and wash away all traces of hair-gone-wild. Style and step out looking awesome as usual.

Quick Fix No. 2 No time to shower? Lightly mist hair with a spray bottle of H2O, combing through with fingers. Brush then style as you blow-dry. Use a detangling product if necessary but don’t overdo it. Hair will look greasy, and that’s even worse than bed head.

Quick Fix No. 3 Put hair up, using one of the following techniques: 

  • Butterfly clips Sweep hair back as if you’re making a ponytail, then twist it up and clamp on the clip. Keep it loose and casual. A few wisps of hair hanging on either side of your face look soft and pretty.
  • Chunky headband If you only need to tame the front, this is quick and easy.
  • Ponytail, anyone? Stay away from thin elastic hair ties. Those leave marks and can break hair. Think thick bands!
  • Try a high pony Pull hair on top of your head and secure it with a ponytail holder. Some girls call this a “pineapple.” So cute!

Quick Fix No. 4 Break out the straightening iron but be careful. You could burn yourself (yikes!) or singe your locks, leading to many more bad hair days. Go for product with zero alcohol before using the iron. A spritz of hairspray after straightening sets the look.

Your bed head prob is chronic? A great stylist can give you a cut and recommendations to make messy morning hair a thing of the past!