Ditch the Body Drama

When it comes to body issues, it seems every girl wants what she doesn’t have. Whatever you’ve got, it’s all femininely fab. So work with it!

 “I’m completely flat-chested and hate it”
There’s a shot your chest isn’t finished developing yet. But what’s wrong with being small-breasted? No sagging. You often can go (gasp!) braless. And there are all kinds of cute tops that look phenomenal on little boobies. Boobs are awesome no matter what their shape or size. Don’t think so? Tell that to Keira Knightley, Kate Hudson and Selma Blair -- all hotties with itty-bitties.

 “I think my butt is the size of a continent!”
Again, size doesn’t matter. As long as you’re fit -- and wearing clothes with a proper fit -- embrace the beauty of your booty. You’re probably self-conscious about something nobody else notices. If, on the other hand, you are truly overweight, rather than bod-bashing, make healthy lifestyle changes. Eat more veggies and less fat-filled food, and vow to keep active.

 “All my friends have their periods, but I don’t. Am I normal?”
The average age for a first period is 12, but girls can start menstruating as young as 8 and as old as 15. Usually, menstruation comes about two years after your breasts begin to bud. If you’re mid-teen and haven’t gotten it, speak to a doc. Otherwise, look for signs it’s on its way: cramps, breakouts, sore breasts. Or maybe your only warning will be a sudden moist feeling between your legs. Be prepared by keeping an emergency kit in your backpack with clean undies, maxi pads and panty liners.

“I’m sprouting hair in places I don’t care to mention”
You mean, your underarms and pubic area? Maybe your upper lip? Yeah, that happens during puberty. What you want to do about it is a personal choice. Some girls wear their body hair proudly. Others prefer fur-free. If you don’t like the fuzz, you can remove it by shaving (not the lip or arms!) or waxing, or make it less noticeable with bleaching. Here’s a thought: Talk to your mom, aunt or older sister about your hairy situation.