Get Ready for School in No Time Flat


You’ve pretty much got your school routine down pat by now -- so why are you still feeling so rushed in the a.m.? Even if you can brush your teeth and get dressed with your eyes closed, you can use these tips. Here’s our get-ready map to nix the last-minute scramble:

The Night Before

  • Breakfast, check!
    Figure out your morning meal ahead of time and have everything you’ll need to prepare it handy. If you’re thinking cereal or oatmeal, grab the box out of the cupboard and place it on the kitchen counter alongside a bowl and spoon.
  • Lunch, check!
    Packing? Make sammies, grab juices and portion out snacks in the evening. Stick them in your lunch bag and stow it in the fridge for a fast grab in the morning. Need lunch money? Ask your mom and dad for it beforehand and tuck it into your book bag.
  • Outfit, check!
    Pick out your next-day school clothes before you hit the hay. Don’t forget to include outerwear, accessories and shoes. Neatly set them out or hang them up together for easy access. Even if you wear a school uniform, be sure you have matching socks and clean underwear.
  • Book bag, check!
    Finished your homework? Grab all your books, papers, binders and pencils and zip ’em up in your backpack. Need any signatures from your parents? Get it done now! And if you play an after-school sport, pack all your equipment in your duffel.
  • Shower, check!
    Get an extra 10 to 15 minutes of sleep by taking your shower at night.

The Morning Of

  •   Wash up, check!
    Brush your teeth and wash your face, being sure to keep your beauty routine simple. A great product that offers light coverage and moisturizes in one fast go is tinted moisturizer. Another time-saving pick? Cream blush, which can be applied to both cheeks and lips to give your face just a hint of color. If you wear mascara, just go with one coat on your lashes. Finish it all off with a swipe of lip gloss to your pucker, and you’re all set!
  • Hair, check!
    Stocking up on hair accessories like headbands, hair clips and scarves is a simple, fast and fab way to tame your mane in the morning. For more tips on hair how-tos, check out our sidebar below.