A Girl’s First Shaving Lesson

You want to have smooth legs, silky underarms and a clean bikini line -- but you’re completely clueless? Not anymore. Read on:

Girls’ Shaving Tip No. 1: How to Ask Mom

What’s a girl to do about this hairy situation? There’s no “right” age to begin shaving. Some girls start younger because their hair is dark, while others wait a little longer. The best way to bring it up to your mom is to ask when she first started shaving. Then say, “Some of my friends shave. Do you think I’m ready?”

Girls’ Shaving Tip No. 2: Realize It’s a Choice

Getting rid of body hair is not required. A lot of girls choose not to shave because they think it’s a hassle. Some girls shave only in the summer, and others shave just their pits to prevent underarm odor. Don’t shave because your friends do. If you decide to shave, do it because it’s what you want. When your friends ask about it, just tell them you don’t want to be a slave to the shave!

Girls’ Shaving Tip No. 3: Know Your Stuff

First, buy a good razor. It doesn’t need to be super-expensive -- go for an affordable one that lets you replace the blade heads. We like those with triple blades and a pivoting head.

Many girls shave in the shower. But when you’re first starting out, shaving your legs by sitting on the edge of the tub might be easier. Here’s how:

1.  Dampen legs with a wet washcloth. Never shave legs when they’re dry.

2.  Slather on shaving gel, plain soap or bodywash.

3.  Begin directly above your ankle, and gently pull the razor upward in a straight line. Don't press the razor too hard -- it should glide along your skin’s surface. Rinse the razor after each stroke.

4.  Slow down when shaving around bony parts, such as knees, shins and ankles. Many girls that are first learning to shave stop just below the knee.

5.  Pat legs dry with a clean towel. Moisturize with unscented body lotion to keep razor burn at bay.

Girls’ Shaving Tip No. 4: Never Shave Your Arms

Shaving will only make the hair on your arms grow back darker and coarser. This goes for facial hair, too, girls. If this is a big concern, ask your parents about the option to bleach your arm hair.