Beauty From the Inside Out

You might not think you’re so pretty, but you’re wrong! In fact, all girls are beautiful. But if you’re going around feeling and acting all negative, well, few people will be able to actually see the awesome bag of gorgeous you’re packing. It’s like having a foggy downer cloud hovering all around you that obscures your true beauty.

Luckily, if you know how to feel good in your own skin, you’ll put off an amazing energy that is incredibly attractive. Give these beauty tips a try:

Bare Your Teeth
As in, smile! Nothing radiates your inner beauty like a big, genuine grin on your face. Even if you have a mouth full of braces, spread your happy vibes all over the place. (Hey, that rhymes!)

Not feeling it so much? Smile anyway: Studies show that smiling releases your body’s feel-good chemicals, called endorphins and serotonin, which will in turn make you happy. So even if you’re feeling down, don’t frown (on a rhyming roll!). Um, can you say “Cheese”?

Stand up Straight
When you slouch, you send a message that warns, “Back off -- I don’t feel so great about myself.” But when you pull your shoulders back and straighten out your stance, you command a whole lotta positive attention. Simply strut some non-arrogant but rock-solid confidence, and you will turn heads.

Be Healthy
A healthy body is fit and well-nourished. So do not -- we repeat, do not -- cut out any meals or work out like crazy to be ridiculously thin. Instead, eat lots of good-for-you foods, such as fruits, veggies, whole grains and low-fat proteins. And do fun things for exercise, like sports and roller skating. Your body will be in its best form ... and as an added bonus, your skin will emit a very radiant glow. You go!

Love Yourself
Here’s the thing -- if you don’t think you’re fabulous, the world will reflect that right back at you. So first thing every morning when you’re getting ready for school, look in the mirror, give yourself a big smile, and say, “Hello, gorgeous!”

This does not mean that you can act like you’re all better than everyone else. You’re not -- but remember, every girl is pretty in her own unique way. And that goes for you, too! Don’t ever forget it, OK?