Making up Is Hard to Do

Think you’re old enough to wear makeup, but the parentals aren’t down with it? What’s wrong with a little eye shadow … and liner and lipstick and foundation? When it comes to makeup, a little goes a long way. Prove to your parents that you know how to apply cosmetics -- subtly.

Start With a Little Gloss
The trick is to ease your parents into the idea of their little girl wearing makeup, and lip gloss is a good starting point. It’s light and it looks natural while adding a shimmery glow. Go for a clear gloss or something with a hint of sheer color. If you have a fair complexion, try pink or peach. For olive skin, choose mocha or honey. Dark skin looks awesome in nudes or bronzes.

A Bag Over Your Head Is Not an Option
At your age, you don’t need foundation to even out skin tone. But your parents should be OK with your using a concealer to cover the occasional zit. Here’s how: First, gently apply astringent to the blemish with a cotton ball -- don’t pick! Next, dab on concealer in a shade that’s close to your natural skin color and blend it by lightly brushing outward. Let it dry before setting it with a cotton swab dipped in loose face powder.

Practice a Little Makeover Madness!
Flip through magazines for tasteful daytime looks and have a makeover party with your friends. When doing makeovers with friends, use clean applicators and brushes to avoid passing around bacteria. To apply eye shadow and lipstick, you can use a disposable cotton swab. Some drugstores even sell disposable mascara wands. Or you can give individual tubes of mascara as party favors, which even come in purples and emeralds.

Step It up for Special Occasions Only
You might be able to convince your parents to let you get more creative with the makeup when dressing up for dances and parties. For now, stick to eye shadow. Brush a medium shade from your lash line up to the eyelid crease. Blend a deeper shade from the crease to slightly above it -- but not up to your brows. Celebrate the season with shades that sparkle!