The Self-esteem Makeover!

Karate chop! It’s time to whip your self-confidence into shape. Hasn’t anyone told you that you can learn to be fabulous? It’s not about your looks -- it’s your thinking. Your happiness, appearance and relationships all hinge on how you perceive -- and present -- yourself.

Tell Your Inner Nag to Shut It!
Stop hating on yourself, would ya? Everyone from the Dalai Lama to Oprah talks about how our thoughts transfer to our experiences. Thinking you’re fat or dumb or not good enough for some guy is the reality as long as you’re believing it.

Try this: When you catch yourself listening to negative self-talk, stop. Picture something you adore about your life, your looks or your little quirks. Like the cool bond you have with your sis or how that blue dress looks so much better on you than it does on the hanger. Smile. Hold that grin.

Believe in Your Own Greatness
Maybe you feel other girls are so much smarter, prettier, cooler.…Well, we can’t argue with the fact that there are a lot of great gals out there. But guess what: You’re one of ‘em!

Try this: Being your total self is about rolling all the best parts of you into one impressive presentation. Instead of wishing you were a clone of someone else, take a look at everyone around you. Realize that you have just as many good qualities as the girl sitting next to you. It’s just that each of you has a unique blueprint. Rock yours!

Give Ugly the Day off
Everyone has that friend who obsesses over her looks. She can’t pass a store window without stopping to adjust her shirt, inspect her lips, tuck a hair. She picks, picks, picks until she scoffs: “I look horrible!” Meanwhile, she’s cute as can be. Um, pardon, is that friend…you?

Try this: Do a single glance in the a.m., then totally avoid mirrors and windows (shiny spoons? dang, vain!). Break free of the focus on your physical appearance so you can look within. Are you getting good grades, feeling fit and hanging with the right people? No mirrors! To pump up your self-esteem, it’s time for inner reflection.