15 Fun Things to Do for Fall!

Cool air, warm apple cider and cozy knit sweaters! Who says the fun’s over when summer ends? Celebrate the changing season with a bundle of activities you can only do in the fall. We’re shoveling out 15 must-do’s for autumn:

1. Up a Tree
Schedule an outdoor playdate to pick apples at a nearby orchard or farm. Bond with buds, breathe in the fresh air and stock up on a batch of the season’s finest fruits.

2. All About Apples
Now that you’ve gathered a fresh basket of delish apples, throw yourself a hoorah! Bake hot apple pies, serve up cider for beverages and bob for apples.

3. Pumpkin Patch
Nix the trip to your local supermarket and handpick pumpkins at a patch instead. You’ll have a day of fun and bring home even more DIY activities for entertainment.

4. Gourd-geous Crafts
Now it’s time to make pumpkin crafts, of course! Hollow out the insides, let them dry and use them as vases to store fresh flowers. It makes the perfect centerpiece to brighten up a table. Or go classic with Halloween jack o’ lanterns.

5. Pigskin Party
Are you a football fanatic? Or do you just want a reason to hoot and holler it up? Host a sporty shindig -- and don’t forget to invite your crush. Get decked out in your team’s colors, whip up some nachos and root your team to victory!

6. Door Decor
Spice up your space with a handmade wreath of colorful leaves. Use pliers to bend a coat hanger into a circle shape, and then use floral wire to attach leaves all around it.

7. Crafty Costumes
Raid a few closets to come up with some creative Halloween costumes. Maybe your mom has some cool retro pieces, or maybe you can snag your brother’s paintball getup!

8. Roll in the Hay
Check local papers to take a spin on a hayride. Whether it’s haunted or just scenic, you’ll have a blast with this autumn-only activity.

9. Score More Moolah
A new season means new opps to make money. Rake neighbors’ leaves, open a hot-cider stand, or gather up all your unwanted goods from last year and throw a yard sale.

10. Backyard Bonfire
Take the cover off of summer’s charcoal grill and ask a parent to torch it up. Roast marshmallows for s’mores, sing campfire songs and even pitch a tent.

11. Spooky Sleepover
Invite your besties over for a fright-filled night. Watch your favorite scary movies, tell haunted tales and make ghastly goodies like a gummy-worm mud pie.

12. A-maze-ing
A lot of farms open up a corn maze for fall. With sibs or friends in tow, spend hours getting tangled in a corn field.

13. Fall Fashions
Lay out your clothes and accessories and pair up new outfits for fall. Have a fashion show and snap pics of everything you’ve put together. Rushed to get dressed in the a.m.? Look through your snapshots … duh!

14. Hit the Trails
Grab the fam and hit a nearby nature trail by foot or on mountain bikes. There’s nothing like taking in the beauty of the changing leaves while getting a bit of exercise.

15. Clubbin’ It
Chat up your classmates and bookworm buddies about organizing a book discussion club. Set up meets at parks and coffee shops to gush over your latest read.