Games Girls Play

News flash: Video games don’t need to be all karaoke, makeup and mall hopping to appeal to girls. Here are our fave games -- and don’t be surprised if your best guy friend digs ’em, too.

Nancy Drew: Phantom of Venice
A series of thefts have taken place, so Nancy Drew (meaning, you) is on the case. A new culture and skilled thief stand in the way. (PC)

Animal Crossing: Wild World
Customize your town, your house and yourself. The game progresses as you make furry friends and go fishing -- you know, normal stuff. (Nintendo DS)

Cooking Mama: Cook Off
OK, so you can’t actually eat what you cook. But you won’t have to clean up the kitchen. Your remote is the ultimate utensil -- it slices, dices, chops and stirs as you whip up recipes. (Wii)

Sony has a new concept called “zen gaming.” Instead of gritting your teeth while clutching a controller, the idea is to relax and enjoy -- you are the wind, guiding flower petals at your own sweet pace. (Playstation 3)

Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2
Don’t worry, no tricky geo probs here. We just hope you don’t have too much homework, because it is insanely addicting. This version has three new modes. (Xbox LIVE Arcade)

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Hey, drama queen, like your games with an epic storyline and action galore? Save the land of Hyrule by solving puzzles, engaging in intense battles and interacting with characters. (Nintendo GameCube, Wii)

You’re the boss, so be ready for some decision making! This is a limitless adventure with adorable critters and a funky handcrafted feel. (Playstation 3)

Mario Kart Wii
Who doesn’t like to go fast? Pick a character (we love Princess Peach), select your vehicle and off you go! Race your BFF…or up to 11 people from around the world.

Star Ocean: Second Evolution
This sequel to “First Departure” is kind of like anime in orbit. It’s Space Date 366, and you’re on a mystical planet with the Hero of Light, who’s on a mission. (PSP)

Wii Fit
It’s incredible what you can do on the balance board: strength training, aerobics, yoga (we felt the “tree pose” burn for days). It also calculates body mass index and weight -- and is brutally honest.