Skip the Gym -- and Still Stay Fit!


Sometimes working out feels like, well, work. But you can stay fit and still have fun! Who needs a gym membership? We came up with 10 great activities that’ll get you moving -- but that aren’t a total drag.

1. Go on the Hunt
Scavenger hunts are a blast, and you don’t even notice you’re working up a sweat while you’re racing to finish them. Make a list of funny things you want to find on your hunt, such as a purple feather or someone wearing socks with sandals. Grab a BFF, and then hit the mall to see how many items you two can spot in an hour.

2. Get Growing
Gardening is surprisingly good exercise, especially if there’s a lot of digging involved! Early spring is a great time to start prepping flowerbeds for warm-weather planting.

3. Put “Glee” on Repeat
Pull up scenes of choreographed dances to “Glee” songs (or any music videos, really) on YouTube and practice them until you’ve got the moves down. The “Born This Way” routine is one of our faves!

4. Primp Your Pad
Ever wish you could rearrange your furniture or paint your walls an awesome new shade? Go for it! All that heavy lifting gives your muscles a major workout. Bonus: You’ll have a cute room to boot!

5. Treat Yourself to a Pedi …
... As in a pedometer. Wear one or throw it in your purse, and it’ll track how many steps you take. Challenge yourself to hit 10,000 a day! Then go ahead and treat your feet to the other type of pedi for logging all that mileage.

6. Turn on the Tube
We love to turn TV time into fitness time. Just get up during every commercial break and do jumping jacks, crunches and pushups until your show comes back on. So much for being a couch potato!

7. Let the Dogs Out
Take over your little bro’s dog-walking duties a few days a week. Don’t have a pup? Go with a friend while she walks hers, or offer to walk a neighbor’s dog.

8. Break out the Hula-Hoop
There’s probably one sitting in your garage! Practice until you can keep it up, then move on to more advanced, tricked-out moves. Don’t forget to do a few arm circles while you’re at it.

9. Play Video Games
There are tons of interactive video games, like “Dance Central,” for Xbox Kinect or Wii Sports. Challenge your crush to a few rounds of Wii tennis to get your heart pumping in more than one way!

10. Shop Till Ya Drop
Head to the mall, but do a lap around before you stop into any stores. All that window-shopping will help clue you in to which places have the best swag before you drop any cash!