11 Fab Goals to Reach in 2011!


Go-to resolutions -- like stepping up your fitness routine or getting better grades --- are cool and all, but you’re gonna have to get a little more creative if you want to make 2011 your best year yet. Print this list out and tape it to your bedroom wall, then watch your year get more and more awesome as you check each one off!

1. Learn the Constellations
Stargazing just got a whole lot easier thanks to a super-cool app called Star Walk ($2.99 for iPhones and Androids). Just hold your phone up to the night sky and the app’ll find all the constellations for you. 

2. Shoot a Music Video

Gather a few of your girls and rock out to your favorite tunes -- while a digital camera records the results. (Just switch it to movie mode first.) Voila! You have an MTV-worthy vid that’ll make Lady Gaga look lame.

3. Meet a Real-life Author
Since writers do book tours whenever they come out with a new read, it’s actually really easy to meet one. Just check the events calendar at your local bookstore or public library to see when one of your faves is going to be in town. Then take your favorite book of theirs along so you can get a personalized autograph!

4. Start Your Novel
Now that you’ve met an author, you can start working on your own book. Think of each chapter as a new short story and feel free to write them out of order -- it'll make the process that much easier, and it’s what tons of pros do.

5. Update Your Playlist
The coolest (and cheapest) way to stock up on tunes? Host a playlist swap. Invite your girls over and ask them to bring their CD collections. Then lay them all out in your living room and have fun chatting as you figure out who gets to borrow which ones to upload to their computers at home that night. Or, you can all bring your laptops to swap then and there!

6. Host a Wicked-cool Outdoor Movie Night
Pick a theme (say, Harry Potter movies or RPattz flix). Rent a couple of DVDs that work with it, take a laptop and a few blankets outside on a warm night, and prepare to have one very awesome movie marathon with a few of your girls.

7. Form a Club
Whether you want to get an anti-bullying group going or find a place to play Rock Band every Wednesday, talk to your guidance counselor to get it started. You can also chat with your parents about having meetings in your basement.

8. Feng Shui Your Room
According to this Eastern philosophy, you can boost your positive vibes just by rearranging your furniture. Get started by taking all electronics -- including your TV, computer and cell phone -- out of your room. Then, move your bed to a spot that’s not in line with any doors. (That creates a negative energy-flow.)

9. Discover the Best Takeout in Town
Instead of ordering in from the same spot every week (bo-ring!), ask the fam if you can switch things up. Create scorecards so you can grade each new restaurant on each dish you order. Soon, you’ll find the hands-down best spot. 

10. Hear “Love That Bag!” All the Time
How? By creating your own! Just buy a blank canvas tote and iron-on transfer paper from an art supply store. Then create a black and white design on your computer, print it out on a transfer sheet and have Mom or Dad help you iron it onto the bag. So cute!

11. Be Your BFF's Stylist
And let her be yours! Go shopping together, and then pick out a few outfits for each other that are way diff than what you two would normally wear. Then hit the dressing rooms and have fun modeling all of your new looks for each other.