Crafty Ways to Help the Planet!

Earth Day is almost here! (It’s on April 22.) Want to show the planet some lovin'? We’ve come up with things you can reuse in cool ways instead of sending them off to hang out in a landfill. Who knew being green could be so much fun?

Adorable Jewelry Organizer

All you need for a bling holder you’ll love? An old frame, liquid glue, pushpins and some cork sheets (get these for cheap at a craft store). Just take the glass and back off the frame, cut the cork so it’s the same size as a photo that would fit in the frame, and glue it in place in the opening. Once it’s dry, stick colorful pushpins in the front to hang your jewelry on. We love the way the finished product looks hanging on the wall -- and you’ll never need to hunt for an earring again!

Wacky Wire Ring

Betcha didn’t know you could make something this cool out of boring old paper clips! Grab a bunch of the colorful ones -- stick with your favorite hue or mix up a bunch if you’re feeling really artsy. Unfold them so each one is straight, then reshape them into a swirling pattern, bending each clip around the clump of paper clips as you go. Once you’ve made the bauble as big as you want, attach one more paper clip to the back and shape it into a ring so it fits your finger.

Crazy-cute Locker Magnets

These are about to become your new favorite locker accessory. Collect a few bottle caps from old-fashioned glass bottles, fill them with liquid glue, and then pour in some glitter. Once they’re dry, stick a magnet on the back -- either use self-adhesive magnets from the craft store or cut off a piece from a magnet sheet and attach it with a dab of glue. Love it!

Personalized Journal

Does anyone else have a serious hoarding problem when it comes to old greeting cards? We feel guilty throwing them out, but they’re not exactly doing any good just taking up space in your junk drawer. Get some use out of ’em by turning them into notebook covers. Here’s how: Open up a card, and then trace the outline onto 10 sheets of paper. Cut along the guidelines, staple the pages to the card at its crease, then fold everything together. Now get writing!

Chic Vases

Keep an eye out for any pretty jars or bottles in the pantry that are almost empty. Before Mom throws them away, ask if you can have them instead. Rinse them out, stick a flower or two inside, and you’ve got an instant set of bud vases! Display a few grouped together for a pretty effect.