Got Homework Overload?

Yes, we so know there are days teachers overdo it when piling on the homework. And you’ve heard all the typical homework tips -- no TV, good lighting, take breaks. But homework stress can be all but demolished with good time management. Make smart use of your time -- so you can actually carve some out for chillaxing. Really!

Homework Wrecking Ball No. 1: Find out where you're wasting time
Those 10 minutes at the end of lunch and 20 minutes on the bus could equal a half hour of required reading. College students have this trick down! They read while waiting in line for coffee, on the train and in the few minutes before the teacher hasn't got things underway yet. It adds up, so find and use these little pockets of time.

Homework Wrecking Ball No. 2: Ditch the “home” from homework
While some schools provide study period, waaaay too many students see this as the opportunity to do each other's hair or nap. If your school doesn’t offer study hall, head to the library after dismissal. You’ll be more inclined to concentrate on your work so you can get it done -- and get on home!

Homework Wrecking Ball No. 3: Create a homework task calendar
Whether you prefer to go paper or digital, it’s important to keep your assignments straight. It’s hard to ignore an in-your-face mounted wall calendar. Write every due date down in the same place while at school. Then, transfer that info to your calendar at home. Color-code it to show tests, quizzes, essays and other assignments. Now you'll know what's due when, with no surprises.

Homework Wrecking Ball No. 4: Tackle the tough stuff first
Some homework assignments are for classes where you don't have to try so hard. Others you can barely understand when the teacher is actually explaining the stuff! Decide what you can breeze through, and bump that to the end of your study session. Getting the more challenging tasks out of the way takes the overwhelming sting off even the longest of homework laundry lists -- and keeps you from dragging. When you get to the easy part, it's just ... easy. Done and done!