Beat Boredom: Kick off a Summer Fun Club!


You’ve seen the movie Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer, right? Judy and her friends broke out some poster board and, with a few colored markers, determined that their summer would be an adventure! You can do the same by getting your friends together for a planning committee meeting (not as serious as it sounds). Bring on the summer fun!

Meet and Greet
Where will your club members meet and how often? Figure out a spot -- somebody’s basement or backyard (or rotate between each other’s houses), say, every three days at 3:33 p.m. sharp.

The Rule Book
Keep a notebook with club “rules and regulations.” (Please, don’t get all control-freaky -- the point is to have fun with this!) Keep a log of all the members’ names and phone numbers, and take notes of group discussions. If you decide to elect officers, whoever gets voted keeper of the club notebook will be in charge of its safekeeping.

Calendar of Events
Your summer fun club should also have a master calendar on which you and your friends can plan and keep track of activities. Need ideas for what to do? Here’s our spectacular summer fun club to-do list:

1. Solve a mystery.
Has your neighbor’s cat been disappearing for days on end? Or maybe you’ve always wondered who’s buried in that unmarked grave on the end lot. Make it a Nancy Drew club and crack a mysterious case of whaddup-wit-dat?!

2. Build a fort.
Even if you don’t have the materials, know-how or tools to construct a full-on fancy clubhouse, we’ve seen some pretty righteous structures built out of lawn furniture and curtain sheers. Get creative!

3. Learn a circus trick.
Get each of your friends to perfect a performance skill, such as a magic trick or tumbling routine, then stage a show for all of your parents.

4. Plan a field trip.
Decide on a destination -- maybe a nearby amusement park or cultural festival -- then figure out all the details (e.g., how to raise the money for admission tix, whose parents can supervise, transportation, etc.).

5. Do a neighborhood cleanup.
Show your neighbors how much you love them -- and the earth -- by keeping the area beautified. Walk around public areas, such as parks and schools, and pick up stray trash.

6. Prep a potluck picnic.
Grab some large blankets and head outdoors for lunch! Have each friend bring something to eat. (A signup sheet in the club notebook will help avoid doubling up on food items.) And remember to put someone in charge of plates and utensils.

7. Plant a community garden.
Maybe there’s a neglected plot of land in your neighborhood, or perhaps the elderly neighbor next door hasn’t been able to take care of her yard work. Your crew can volunteer to dig up the weeds, dispose of the debris and do some creative landscaping.

8. Race to the finish line.
Make a list of goals each club member must reach before the summer is over. These could include things like “Swim 100 laps at the public pool,” “Get a postcard from another state” or “Learn to do a back handspring.” Whoever completes her list first scores a blue-ribbon prize!

9. Have a yard sale.
You might not have enough stuff to justify a yard sale on your own, but what if you and your girls were to pull it off together? Figure out who has the best location, put all your for-sale items out with price tags, and split the earnings. Then give half of all the money you made to an agreed-upon charity.

10. Start a newsletter.
Create a newsletter to share with neighbors or just between you and your friends. (No gossip; spread good-vibing tidbits only!) Get each girl to write articles in her area of expertise, whether it’s music reviews or hard-hitting news.